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Power Stretcher

Proper Carpet Stretching using a Power Stretcher has become a lost art, most install or repair companies don’t even own or choose not to use a power stretcher.  When deciding on using a company to re-stretch your carpets please ask if they use a power stretcher.

Re-stretching with a power stretcher along side a knee kicker is the only remedy to fix for buckles or wavy carpets. It can add years of life to your carpeting. At Carpet Technologies we use a power stretcher to get your carpet as tight as or tighter than when it was new. This will remove all the buckles and ripples in your carpeting.

Best of all, since a loose carpet wears faster than a properly stretched one, Carpet Technologies repair and re-stretching can add years of life to your carpet.



You may notice waves or small ripples in your carpet after a period of time, whether it is from use or immediately following a steam cleaning. There are several reasons for buckling:

*The most common reason for buckling is improper carpet installation. A high percentage of carpet installers do not follow the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Installation Guidelines (CRI 104 & 105). If your carpet was not installed using a power stretcher, it was not installed properly. Power stretching a carpet will not tear a carpet, but will improve you with maximum years of use out of your carpet and is mandatory by all major carpet manufacturers. Installation performed without the use of a power stretcher can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

*Improper carpet padding (too thick).

*Dragging heavy furniture across wall-to-wall carpeting may pull carpeting off tack strip, causing waves (this will affect carpets not properly installed).

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